How large is each cutout?

  • Cutouts will be roughly 24 inches by 32 inches.

Will I be able to select the location of my cutout?

  • Unfortunately not, we are unable to guarantee a specific location. Cutout locations will be randomly selected.

Can I keep my Cutout after the season?

  • University or Team may allow cutouts to be picked up at the end of the program. Please contact them directly for their policy. 

Will my Cutout remain in the stadium/arena for the entire season? 

  • Cutouts will be in the stadium at the discretion of the club. 

 How do I upload my photo?

  • Please upload your photo through the Green Link on the webpage.

Can two people be in one photo?

  • Please limit your photo to one person due to the size of the cutout.

Are there any restrictions to the photo I upload?

  • We are unable to create cutouts that include any of the following:
      • Commercial advertisements including slogans, websites and phone numbers
      • Social media handles and hashtags
      • Offensive or negative references
      • Statements or endorsements of political candidates
      • Third party logos/branding
      • Images of a celebrity
      • Images that portray inappropriate content

* We reserve the right to reject any photo for any reason.

How will I know if the photo I upload is accepted?

  • If your photo does NOT meet our guidelines, a representative will contact you.

Will anyone contact me?

  • After completion of your purchase, a member of our staff will review your photo and will only reach out to you if your photo is NOT approved. If approved, your cutout will be installed.

Can I ‘sit’ with my family or friends?

  • All cutout locations are randomly selected.

I want to use an older photo, what do you suggest?

  • Please check the photo submission guide for a full list of tips on submitting your photo. The cutout template includes the head and shoulders of the photo. Ideal photos will include one person, front-on with their arms at their sides about three feet from the camera.

Can I wear gear from other teams?

  • We are unable to accept photos that include other teams’ names and/or logos.

I live in another country, can I purchase a cutout?

  • There are no restrictions on who can participate in this opportunity.

Can I submit a photo of a pet?

  • Yes, we accept pet photos as well. We will do our best to place the image of your pet within the cutout.

What if the season gets delayed or canceled? 

  • All payments made to purchase a Cutout are final and cannot be refunded for any reason, including but not limited to the delay, suspension or early termination of Season.